Could the current Virus Pandemic lead to another change in College Sports?


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May 19, 2009
Sort of OT

Saw this article where a college football athlete out of Arizona state who, despite going through all of the draft process, signed an agent, participated at the combine & ended up going undrafted..... but ended up being granted his 2 years of eligibility back.

In large part because of the Pandemic, which limited his opportunities to work out with individual teams in hopes of getting drafted, or at worst signed for training camp.

So here's the question.... could this open a loophole now down the road where players with "extenuating circumstances" or other situations such as this pandemic going on.... could allow players in College Football or Basketball... to actually go through the entire draft process, even hiring an agent, or waiting until the draft has actually happened.... and then appealing to be granted to get back into college athletics?