Recruiting Damian Dunn has committed to Temple


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Apr 22, 2009

Dunn has been one of the best players leading Kinston since Brandon Ingram graduated after he brought the Vikings 4 straight state championships. In what was his last game as a Viking, Dunn put up 15 points and 5 rebounds against Greene Central in a third-round to rival Greene Central. Dunn had the chance to transfer last year, but his father said his love of school and city brought him back for one more season.

“He chose to stay because of the love he had for K High. He decided he wanted to stay here and bring another ring to my city,” Paul said. “We shot it down last year, but this year it was a tough decision for him but he just knew that it was something he needed to do for the betterment of himself and for his future.”

When Dunn is on the AAU circuit with Stackhouse Elite, they practice at Meadowcreek. Paul says the 6’4 wing plays with a lot of the guys he will be playing with at Meadowcreek on the circuit."