David Shriver Is One Badass Ram!

David will have his moments. I think the Next game will be huge for him. Mike made a great decision to sit him in the Dayton game, he couldn't defend the post and they were closing out on this too quickly because at one point we had to post game.

Again, he should be ok on Friday.
I heard he was our best post defender though 🙄

So google being my friend I hung around with it for a bit and found this book.

It’s a preview and a tease, I really wanted to see how it ends up!

I read the whole thing, A lot more good stuff in there than just where it started with Garland.
I can see him playing in Europe's middling leagues, and Canada. Shooting is a skill that is always in demand.
I was thinking the same thing. I think Shriver has a pretty decent shot of signing on with one of the European leagues.