/davidson v VCU


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Apr 20, 2009
Losing to an inferior team is just inexcusable. You guys can pump sunshine, and criticize me, but this was an important game for our NCAA resume. I am scratching my head how we fudgeed this one up...........
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Mar 29, 2010
They have TWO guys. That's it. We let those two guys score 54 points and have 19 rebounds. Seriously? The refs were inconsistent, but we were not smart. Gibbs got several wide open looks. He misses a FT, they get a rebound and Gibbs hits a three. We were NOT smart defensively and missed too many layups. This is a disappointing loss because they really are a two man team.
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Mar 22, 2013
Next time we have Torey take out one of Gibbs's knees, live with the suspension, and Hamdy goons it up on Aldridge. Great game plan!
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May 19, 2009
Dayton lost at UMass, and LaSalle won at URI. Chalk it up to that kind of week.
I wouldn't throw LaSalle beating URI into this comparison as both are Top 4 teams at the moment. La Salle is much improved this year.

Every year we have losses like this. Every year. Sh-t happens.
Yeah, pretty sure since joining the A10 we've had worse losses than this game or the GT game earlier this year and still made the tournament.

No need for people to go overboard after this one game. Was it a painful loss, sure I'll give people that...... but it's not the end of the world.

Violet Ram

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Jan 29, 2015
Did we need a new thread for this? Was the game thread meltdown not angsty enough already?

We lost a conference road game by two possessions to a top 100 team. It's okay.
Rammad is a troll. Trolling in a game thread doesn't provide the same satisfaction as stirring up the board with his own thread.