For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

Trilly's definitely not a rando. If he's saying that there is likely something to it, and Charleston would be a fantastic addition to the conference (at least until Kelsey gets poached).
it would be a pleasure to travel down to charleston once a year to watch vcu kick their a$$
I agree, I hope it happens.

Delaware to the MAC is hilarious, though.
Why is it hilarious? Delware has a solid FCS program and they have great facilities. Wilmington is in close proximity to Philly. They would be a good pick up in my opinion.
If COC joins and Umass leaves, that still leaves us at an odd number of team - 15. Get Wichita to join for an even number.
Speaking of joining the Big East, how close are we to breaking ground on the Athletic Village? This fall correct?