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Wolfpack Ram

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Apr 21, 2009
Not sure what happened to him this year but in his first year at Asheville he shot 50% FG, 29% 3pt, and 72% FT.

In comparison, Ace shot 37 FG%, 26 3P%, and 77 FT%. So are you saying that Ace too doesn't have an outside game and thus shouldn't get playing time at VCU?

Yes, I am being sarcastic but take your blinders off when you make your statements. Something obviously happened with Batts this year in comparison to last year. And no, I don't think Batts can play at the level of VCU. My previous post was not so much about him playing here, it was more about if Batts would have chosen a mid-level program (maybe CAA) and stayed at one place for 4 years, would he have been able to develop. I think he listen too much to his handlers/dad who told him he could be an NBA star and to go play at a level he wasn't prepared for. That said, he was a 4 star rated recruit and a 20 point+ shooter in HS


Batts shot 18.8% from three ( 9 - 48) and 58.9% from the free throw line his freshman season at NC State. That's why he hardly played the second half of the season and eventually transferred to UNC Asheville. Just about every basket he made while at NC State was a fast break layup. He has no outside shot.

Regarding Ace, you are comparing Ace's freshman stats to Batts' third year in college. Batts' freshman year stats come no where close to Ace's freshman year stats. Batts' redshirt junior year stats don't come anywhere close to Ace's freshman stats.

Regarding Batts' HS credentials, if you go back and look at his highlights from high school, he stole the ball a lot and had a ton of layups/dunks.

The guy is now at a lower mid-major school and is still struggling shooting the ball and his minutes dropped from 27.5 mpg in 2019-20 to 21.8 mpg in 2020-21.