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Mar 29, 2010

Batts shot 18.8% from three ( 9 - 48) and 58.9% from the free throw line his freshman season at NC State. That's why he hardly played the second half of the season and eventually transferred to UNC Asheville. Just about every basket he made while at NC State was a fast break layup. He has no outside shot.

Regarding Ace, you are comparing Ace's freshman stats to Batts' third year in college. Batts' freshman year stats come no where close to Ace's freshman year stats. Batts' redshirt junior year stats don't come anywhere close to Ace's freshman stats.

Regarding Batts' HS credentials, if you go back and look at his highlights from high school, he stole the ball a lot and had a ton of layups/dunks.

The guy is now at a lower mid-major school and is still struggling shooting the ball and his minutes dropped from 27.5 mpg in 2019-20 to 21.8 mpg in 2020-21.
Why do you insist on destroying someone’s narrative with actual facts? :lol:


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Dec 30, 2011


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Nov 2, 2013


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Apr 21, 2009
Sometimes you can be too close to a situation to maintain a reasonable arrangement. I think it got to the point that fans had too many unreasonable expectations for Natty and Team Ramnation. I also think Natty had expectations that VCU felt we’re not reasonable and VCU had expectations that Natty didn’t feel were reasonable. There is an old proverb that says no matter how close your family is, it’s generally not a good idea to marry your sibling………

I doubt such a proverb exists but the point is the point