Hofstra drops football

I'll wait till yeager's press conference but I've heard from a few people that the CAA was 100% blindsided by this move. To put this in PR perspective the CAA had to NO COMMENT this morning. They didn't even know about the move until late last night.
Wouldn't be at all suprised to see both NU and Hofstra pull out of the CAA in the next couple of years. It doesn't make economic since when considering travel costs. Also, neither is getting much of a boost for its basketball teams. College sports is just not a cultural neccesity in Boston or NY, and as such I could see both Universities take a step down in conference alignment to hold down expenses.
Also, NU and Hofstra's football programs have little to no correlation to what could happen at VCU. Its completly apples and oranges! Cultures, travel, misc costs, and student numbers are all very different. ODU, Richmond, and JMU are much better comparisons.
There is no comparison between VCU, large state university in a non pro sport city, and Hofstra and Northeastern, mid size private universities in major pro sport cities. Northeastern and Hofstra no longer having football is good in the long run for the CAA, and it is good for VCU. VCU will have football in the not to distant future, and I think you're going to see more private schools drop football as most will not be able to compete in football against large public universities!
I hear UNC Charlotte is starting FB too and will need a place to park it maybe we can trade with the A-10 for them and give them Hofstra
BigE said:
I hear UNC Charlotte is starting FB too and will need a place to park it maybe we can trade with the A-10 for them and give them Hofstra

I would rather leave Hofstra in the CAA and then exchange Charlotte for us in the A10. I sure wouldn't mind moving to a better basketball conference. Let Hofstra stay in the CAA
Brad may be onto something.....The only way I'd be totally gung ho about VCU football would be if the A-10 started their own FCS 1-AA whatever the heck it's called conference and invited US for full inclusion.
Currently the A-10 has 14 members (great name by the way)
Temple is the only D-1 school (currently in the MAC)
UofR, UMass, Rhode Island are in the CAA (anyone else surprised URI has connections to the Colonial?? I was)
Duquesne is in the Northeast
Dayton is in the Pioneer
Temple would never leave D-1...but say VCU was invited for full membership in all sports...I could get on board for that. The A-10 would need to split into 2 divisions for basketball (maybe dump Fordham for balance....go to the Patriot league or somethin') and it would suck for the CAA (certainly wouldn't kill the conference)....but I'd LOVE a chance to upgrade to the A-10 if it meant being a football doormat.


A-10 Alpha
St. Louis
St. Bonaventure
St. Joes

A-10 Beta
U of R
George Washington

I know it'll never happen (just like my Cary St. Football Stadium idea) and there are a thousand flaws/impossibilities/pipe dreaming....but it's a nice way to kill a friday planning period since I'm done lesson planning thru early January.
I don't see the A-10 starting football, since their football conference became CAA football only about 5 years ago.