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Apr 19, 2009
So IDGAF about the frats. What are WE doing for homecoming? Baja? Anything but a trolley (even though it was cool as heck).


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Dec 30, 2011
I am absolutely not looking forward to homecoming simply because of the attitudes of the frats/sororities. They've been active already, actually, there was a guy parading around a fraternity flag at last night's game.

I just hope they don't mess with the folks on press row so I can do my job. :P


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Jan 4, 2011
One thing that I've always wanted to see at the VCU Homecoming game is to have Doug Richards award winning jazz band back, taking turns playing songs with the Peppas. I'd love to hear the "A Train" one more time from them. Before the Peppas, they were the best!
Aug 17, 2009
Typically a homecoming game will provide an attendance spike for the home team when they play an inferior opponent so it serves to add $ to the coffers. Clearly that won't happen with this game. So we have 5500 season ticket holders that will be there for the basketball and likely have very little interest in which student is crowned king/queen this year and 2000 students, of which a solid amount will be there only until the king/queen is crowned. As a result we are left with a half empty student section for the second half and a somewhat disinterested west end for the first half. Further consider that many students that want to attend the game for the homecoming proceedings will have to wait in line for an hour or more and students that want to go and watch the game for the actual action on the court have to compete with more students to get a ticket to the game. Alumni that would like to watch the Homecoming proceedings will have to buy a ticket on the secondary market at what will likely be a steep price.

Considering that VCU gains nothing from having this during a Mens Basketball I fully support moving the homecoming to a Women's BBall game. Doing so would allow alumni that actually want to enjoy the proceedings attend relatively cheaply and would also let all interested students attend since space will not be an issue. It seems like a win/win for all parties involved to have this at a Women's Basketball game and a losing proposition for all parties to keep it during a Men's game.


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Jan 30, 2012
Now, I have no problem with Homecoming stuff happening on a Men's BB day, but they could always have the court stuff happen after the game then they can take all the time they want and the people who actually care about it can stick around.

Of course the best time to do this stuff is during the concert that always happens the night before, cuz then you basically have a big party for all of the students and they can continue into the night once that lets out.

The one thing I wish VCU would do though is bring back the Chill n Grill...

VCU Finance 2008

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Apr 19, 2009
Wouldn't the new student ticketing system alleviate some of these problems? Students have to claim their ticket through the online system, and Rowdies get the one day early access, so I'm not sure this will be as big an issue as it has been in the past couple of years.

I had thought about that as well. It could have some impact. If yo aren't a Rowdy Ram then you won't be guaranteed a ticket. Maybe they will make other plans.


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Jun 20, 2011
You think the guy who painted buses in black and gold came to games wearing blue or green or pink?

Kinda doubtful since he ( and it is really they) also made up Havoc T shirts for Brooklyn that everyone snapped up and then made fraternity gold polo shirts with VCU Basketball on them. True, some of the Greek folks wonder out and are only there for the crowning, but many others are diehard fans or this introduces them and they become diehard fans.

I think it should be observed if a bunch file out this year and if so then other suggestions should be made. We originally scheduled this on low profile game nights to help get people in the seats, that is no longer a need.