Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

Do you root for or against Shaka Smart's Texas team?

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    Votes: 122 43.9%
  • Against

    Votes: 156 56.1%

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Hoos A Ram

Nov 5, 2009
Then a sad fan base they are. If any fan base wants their team to "crash and burn" they have seriously issues. Last night was a great win for SS and crew!

Those guys and their coach are battling we should pick up a thing or two and follow suit.
From what I've observed over the years the Texas fanbase is a special kind of pathetic. Though I suppose some of the takes around here these days don't give me a ton of room to throw stones.

Havoc City

Top Member
Nov 8, 2014
shaka way >>>>> rhoades. so keep making fun of him
Even if this is true (and it might very well be), I could never respect someone who chooses to post this after a day like today. The Rams rallied today and put on quite the show. If you can't enjoy that, and respect the effort, grit, and determination that went into it, then I have no idea why you follow this team. In any event, I'm blocking you, and so I won't be reading your response, assuming you attempt to articulate one.

Go Rams!