Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

Do you root for or against Shaka Smart's Texas team?

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Jan 26, 2016
I think the late stretch where Texas was playing well (winning 5 of their last 6) likely helped save Shaka's job, and rightfully so. I have a feeling next season will likely be his last chance, though.
As soon as the new arena is finished (and his buy out is more palatable), if he hasn't put together a team that wins he's gone. I'm hoping he's turned the corner. Many many Texas fans care more about baseball than basketball, which has saved his job in my opinion (the pressure from the big donors that are behind the scenes at UT, and can write real really big checks to get what they want).

I'd also speculate that because there isn't a coach out there they can realistically get, they're sticking with him.

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Apr 21, 2009
Shaka just may leave before he is fired. No doubt he can see what he's up against. At some point misery outweighs any potential buyout. If he has a decent season next year, I would not be surprised to see him leave for another job offer.
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Jan 19, 2010
Honestly, I think his buy-out saved his job. If they didn't owe him all da money, he'd be looking for a mid-tier BE spot this summer. The team did play better down the stretch. I'll root for him wherever he ends up (even if it is, gulp, TX).*/

*/ Except ODU or UR. A man has to draw the line someplace.
SS is a person you cannot count out. He will be ok as none of his guys are NBA ready this year. He will have a veteran squad . Two freshman (Jones and Cunningham) in the class really came on in the end and one of them is 6'11. The other freshman Baker is a 6'11. Jerico Simms might not ever be an NBA caliber guy but he will be a force at the collegiate level next year and will help both freshman Baker and Jones in the paint.

Jones should be as close to 100% healthy as he has been in the last 3 years and he really had his moments last year.

I think with this nucleus he has this is his best chance to show what he has. I wish the him well and will be rooting like heck for him. Then I hope he moves on from Texas.