How are you feeling right now about the team and program?

Oh great! Now you are going to dig up “Cottus the Hecatoncheire“ as the 13th recruit…

But will his specialty be steals or 3 pointers?
I'm more curious if he can dribble with any hand.
If their chemistry as a united team develops early and stays with them look for an exciting season.Any news on their off season progress especially or big men. Both the transfers and players that came back.
Yeah. I was quoting former NBA player Charles Shackleford.
Remember when the site allowed users to have signatures? That Shackleford quote was my signature. I still use it on the OG A10 message board.
Excited but I have realistic expectations, It can be hard for a team like this to gel and have chemistry. I'm not expecting to be amazing in year one, but I don't think we will be bad either. I'm excited for a few years down the road.
in thinking about the last 3 years and the changes made to the transfer rules, appearance of NIL, it seems one of the most important skills a coach must now possess for a mid-major and even a p6 is being able to retain players from year to year - to that end I think it is important for Belle and Patrick (assuming they are what we all are speculating they will be) to see a clear path by the time they start their 2nd year to be getting the 20-30 minutes of run
coaches spend lots of time teaching new systems to players and a good program cannot afford to lose those players in the early year that they may only play 5-10 minutes a game
we hopefully will not become a training ground for these types of players

Now players that are really at the end of the bench and likely will never see those minutes should be encouraged to find a school they can get significant minutes IMO