I am buying stock in Rhoades


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Dec 4, 2013
Pretty much everyone questoned the hire in different in a different way. Yes, there were those who wanted to go outside the shaka tree after wade left. No one believed Rhoades was qualified.

Our recruits didn't have enough stars.

He didn't know how to coach defense.

He was too nice....

Anybody see what Chris Baird at Texas Tech has accomplished? He was a d2 coach and turned TTU into a national power in 3 years.
I think "pretty much everyone" is a bit of an over generalization, but I do recall some asking those kinds of questions.


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Feb 9, 2010
Some opinions/points-of-view are so bad-faith and poorly founded that they do not deserve the oxygen provided by attempting to openly refute them. They deserve to be starved of attention and suffocated by a lack of consideration.
Boomerang Schadenfreud is cathartic though.....
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Dec 22, 2009
Now landing 4* recruits

His stock continues to rise but it not late to buy in
He hasn’t inked a 5 star recruit or won an NCAA tournament game since he’s been here. Even though it’s only been two seasons at the helm, you are not a good coach if you can’t win an NCAA tournament game or ink a 5 star recruit by the 3rd recruiting class - CoolRamFan and Ram Cray