In-game thread Spiders


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Nov 16, 2012
I didn't watch the game. Kind of meditated in my room. Nerves on edge. I can say I heard quite a lot about the refs (outside the board) but I I checked the score and it was 69-66 with 16 seconds left I believe. We could have got it...but we didn't. I would have preferred losing to La Salle (vs. Richmond but I prefer winning them all) but hey, when you play your rival, expect a lot of crazy things. Sad to hear our guys didn't show the energy I was expecting BUT we'll move on and hopefully bounce back strong into another streak.

At least Richmond can feel good about themselves. I kinda want them to lose the rest of their games but then that makes us look bad so I'll take them going on a win streak until March 6.


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Feb 10, 2009
I like the idea that just getting it to Ju a lot more would solve the problems, but his hands are only slightly better than DJ's when it comes to comes to catching passes in the post
Apr 21, 2009
Is it just me or did Reddic look like he had Prishelnikov hands tonight on some of the late possessions?
please don't relate Kirill and Reddic lol. While I agree with your statement if I was Juvonte I would kick you in the shin.
Mar 18, 2011
I am shocked that you guys didn't foul up 3 considering Richmond was shooting the lights out from 3 tonight. I get not fouling but I would have fouled in that situation. Very tough loss I was rooting for you I felt sick that you lost this one. Good luck vs LaSalle.


Dec 30, 2012
Post game show sounds is mad not in a funk so LaSalle may be in for it.

I personally am glad the streak is gone so that is one less thing to worry about. We are tied for 1st place in the A-10. Nothin to be ashamed of
Jan 9, 2010
Can anyone remember seeing a guy beating his chest when the camera showed a section of ram fans early in the first half?