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Nov 2, 2013
This is kind of a you-had-to-be-there, but as we're doing this instead of food work right now, everywhere we go to do yardwork and landscaping, we turn into "The Robins Center", they follow us everywhere, and the second we uncover newly ground, turn our backs to take bags full of crap to another spot to be picked up, they come back after us to inspect. This video doesn't show them, but shows other critters who "helped" us a couple of days ago. Though this would show yall what we've been doing, this was in Manakin Sabot:

May 1, 2009
With all the worthless sniping going on in the "MSS dumped us and has been gone for awhile but we're still b*tching" thread, I thought I would throw a funny out there. This comes from the husband of a friend of mine:

"Public Service Announcement for all Husbands who have a Ring Doorbell thingy. When home alone, and you go to the mailbox and you pull out multiple Amazon packages, do not...i repeat....DO NOT badmouth your wife as you walk up on the porch about all the packages that constantly get delivered to your home. These comments will be broadcast on her phone for her to hear in their entirety. You are welcome, feel free to let your friends know, as I assure you it will prevent future issues for us all...take care and GO HERD!!! "
Apr 20, 2009
do you know how I keep my old car so shiny?


Czy wiesz, jak utrzymuję mój stary samochód tak błyszczący?