Is Havoc dead? Should it be killed off?

Apr 22, 2009
Havoc was Shaka's creation.

Nowadays, when these guys press and double team its an invitation for guys to get out of position and display poor footwork. Every time VCU presses or double teams the opponent passes right out of it, gets a numerical mismatch, and takes a high percentage shot.

Is Mike paying attention to what works and what doesn't work, or just following a stale formula?

He was wise to play the younger guys a bit more. Interesting that people on this forum saw the need for that before it happened. So should he not press as much?

So should he move on from "Havoc" and build his own brand of tough half court defense? They do much better in the half court sets anyway. Should he play the younger guys when he desires havoc? The physical attributes and playing styles of Clark, McCallister, and Curry are much more suited for havoc than the seniors who seem erratic, sluggish, and dispassionate.
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Dec 30, 2011
Realistically “havoc” as a brand is going to outlive “havoc” the style of play. No matter what we do, it’s going to get called havoc, but this defense we play is definitely not the same as what we saw during the Shaka Smart era...there’s a lot less trapping, for sure.


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Feb 9, 2010
I want it to die a quick painless death not looks like it'll be a slow one. I suppose the reason Rhoades runs it is that last year, the defense was one of the best in the country statistically. I think we just played better half court D though personally. There's a reason that practically no successful team runs it and zero NBA teams run it. Hope they don't feel married to the marketing campaign.
It’s not that it is a bad defensive philosophy, its just impractical for the NBA. Some of the reasons you don’t see NBA teams run it, is the games are longer and they play 82 games, many of which are back to is not sustainable. Another reason, is they are elite professionals, literally the best of the best in the world, so even the weakest link on the team is exceptional and significantly better than all but a few college players in any given year in terms of IQ, ball handling, shot making and obviously experience. Finally, they practice a lot more.
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May 4, 2012
He needs to build something that works with the talent on hus bench. Clearly havic aint it nor hff as it been since Bri got injured.


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Apr 20, 2009
Although in fairness I don’t have season tickets anymore since I moved out west. I guess the AD is still rolling out the banner at the start of games?
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Jan 26, 2016
I think we need a new theme. HAVAOC is old, and tired. I think the Collossi' of Rhoades has a catchy ring to it.