Recruiting Jalen Deloach Commits to VCU!


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May 29, 2017
Work day shenanigans, lol

MR: “Oh no, you’ll get your, you’ll have, you own your tickets”
Jalen: “I get Football tickets”.
MR: “Hmm??”
Jalen: “I get Football tickets.”

I want to see their faces during that🤣🤣
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Nov 2, 2013
For all not in RVa, we have searched for rain here as it's been desert dry, like, the grass I cut out back which no one else will take care of, has been blazed to the point of honestly looking like hay. We've been faked out by oncoming rains where many others around Rva have gotten them. He shows up yesterday, and it rains like crazy, I mean, that was the dream rains we've been waiting for, for months it seems! The Rainmaker!
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