Players Jalen DeLoach is a VCU Ram

Talked to a few folks in the industry about Jalen....some quick quotes that stood out:

(pre-commitment) "hope the rams get em...he's fu**** good man"

“I just think he’s a perfect match with his pressing style and up and down play”

"Big time player"

"He's TOUGH"

Someone I talked to actually compared him to Hason, but like, less raw (cause Hason started hoopin later). I thought that was pretty fun to hear, because I LOVE Hason's game and his potential. Just having dudes with that type of length playing two years together is pretty exciting. Both have 7'+ wingspans too.
Lol, F U to all you guys bitching about Dayton signing some big recruits in the last two weeks. This was a big one for the coaching staff!
Don’t worry, some will still moan about his # of stars (3), rather than the fact that we beat out schools from the ACC, Big 12 and SEC. He certainly has height and athleticism, which can’t be coached. As with any recruit, it is all potential at this point. Regardless, it is a good get for us.
Looks really, really good. Wish there were some closer camera shots to get a better look, but this kid seems to be the real deal.
He has the size and the tools. If he can arrive in January and get to have the benefits of our training for 10 months prior to his first year of play that would be a game changer (maybe)
From what I understand (9th hand etc) our biggest competition for Jalen was Frank Martin at South Carolina, and my biggest fear was always Crean at UGA. Getting this commit was a major, major recruiting win for the staff in a year when everything was 100X more difficult.

Without visits, without the ability to show recruits the Stu on game night or the BDC, going up vs multiple P5 power programs and famous names, this was quite an achievement.