Players Jayden Nunn is a VCU Ram


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Jan 19, 2010
Did we really beat out Kansas for him? Or did he have some "interest" from Kansas and we are pumping that up?
Heck yeah they did and Self is mighty angry at Mike. Threatened to meet him in the parking lot somewhere. Kansas is so angry that they will never schedule us. We will not get any Christmas Cards everywhere will soli our windshields.

He was their first and only choice a guy will coveted.

That will be the party line here.

Probably would have been a good prospect for a school such as Kansas. Certainly not their first choice but will thought of. Certainly a better fit at a VCU.

All joking aside, pretty sure he'll be a good one. Top 150 kid, from MI was recruited by good schools. He'll hold it down until Ace is ready or he might take it out right.


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May 3, 2012
This guy went to Arizona to make sure he could play ball? I am so hype to see this young man in the uniform.
Yep. He was highly regarded in Flint, Michigan but he went to Dream City Christian in Arizona. I don't know much about him other than he has good size for a point guard. I also know he bailed from Iowa State when he claimed that their new coach did not contact him. I think he got offers from Arizona State and Mississippi State. He should get lots of playing time early with Ace out.