~Justin "MISTER GLASS" Thrillman~

Nov 2, 2013
ALL in caps, as deserved, the man is bound to be legendary.
I know, I know, it's still early and he is young... but I tellya...
From what I've seen, his offense is gotten better each time, and defense is crazily vicious, and very effective. When facing taller opponents, he'll be put to the test, but I can see him growing by leaps and bounds as the season progresses.

He will be a fan fave, heck, after tonight, as I am sure you all saw, lol, he already is. As we were leaving, we both heard his name both, first and last, echoing through the building, were giggling with a high school friend I saw there and was walking out with, he and his son heard it too.

Fantastic work Justin!~

Where's the highlight reel, heck, where's a replay of the exhibition?


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Apr 19, 2009
His dunks are downright nasty. He made an athletic move in the second half where he shot the ball just to the left of the basket, rebounded it from the right, in mid air I might add, and put the ball into the basket without coming back to the ground. That is the best combination, desire and skill.