KeShawn Curry fan club

Aug 7, 2012
So was Kendall Marshall, King Rice, Derrick Phelps, Marcus Paige, Ed Cota, Ray Felton, Ty Lawson, Joel Berry, etc...................
Ty and Ray were the only 2 guys on your list that were the #1 PG in their class.

They both won the Bob Cousy Award. Cota is 3rd all time in NCAA assists. Phelps and Berry won national titles, as did Ty and Ray.

Nice examples. Keep showing your knowledge dude.


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Dec 22, 2009
I love when KeyShawn is on the floor man. He reminds me of Rob Brandenberg but even faster and more athletic.

I feel like we haven’t had a guy go from mid court to the basket with the ball in his hands as quick as Curry.