Larry Sanders advocates for pot after ban


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Apr 20, 2009
So on typical drug screenings, an infrequent user of weed can test positive even if they haven’t smoked for a few days. More frequent users a month. People will probably chime in that there are other tests which sure but also most of those are more intrusive and would definitely have a tough time getting approval from the players association. Alcohol can test positive like 12-24 hours which of course can drop more of their body works it off.

I’m not saying one is worse than the other, both would be flagged on a drug test and lead to a suspension. But the difference is a player could drink and smoke the night before with only the weed showing up after a game. From the tests typically done, they would not be able to tell if he blazed up right before the game and was impaired while at work or the night before.
I know (until recently) one was illegal and the other wasn't, but I always felt it was unfair how weed was treated compared to alcohol though from everything I've observed, I've witnessed way more destructive behavior resulting from drinking than smoking. I have my own theories about why this is the case, but I'm hoping the scales are going to start tilt the other way now that marijuana is becoming more widely legalized. Way overdue in my opinion.