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Nov 15, 2014
Aight seriously, enough is fuc*ng enough. FOR THE LAST F'IN TIME, Marcus DM'd me. Duncan, you post a lot here and I appreciate the recruiting info you post but honestly, other than recruiting news, most of your posts come across as ridiculous. Learn how to read. I never once admitted to DMing him because I never did. Also, I never called him out on his shooting slump. I called him out because he was tweeting and going after fans, and simply said just focus on your game and not on social media. After a night of drinking I commented on his tweet and said stop throwin up heat checks and just focus on your game and not social media......COMMENTED ON HIS TWEET.

I am in my mid 30s, I am still fairly young and admit it was a mistake, but I didn't say anything bad. With that said, I am not gonna let your as* and a couple of other people on here keep changing the facts of what really happened, and keep trying call me out. F that! For anyone else that wants to keep changing the story of what really happened to fit your narrative, or to constantly talk ish about me.....message me directly and we can discuss, or come find me in Northern VA so we can discuss in person. (No, that's not a threat to fight)

I am legit sick and tired of some of you who act so high and mighty on here. For real, f off. Some of you make it seem like you are so darn perfect, it's pathetic.

I am done venting now, I am sorry. This will be the last time I speak on this.
Wow! And I didn't even let MudKat out of the basement... Kudos! I don't agree with you very often, but well said.

It's hard to watch the MSS bashing. How long has it been since we had a double double machine? We will most definitely NOT be a better squad than if he stayed. OK, so he's leaving. I get that. It's stings. It stings because we are not going to be good in the post next year. I will not join this insane smack down.

Sucks to be us I guess...Carry on...see you in a month or two. Maybe some of you will still have all your limbs.
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Nov 8, 2014
Maybe LSS wanted a “strong a$$ offer”? Whatever his motivations, I love when “adults” expose their weakness by acting like pouty 3 year olds on Twitter. One less fool I have to compete with in the real world.

Anyway, I think it’s great that TT is going to give MSS plenty of minutes to improve & showcase his dribbling/FTs/defense/RH shot/jump shot and get to the association. Seems pretty realistic for one season. Best of luck young man.
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Apr 20, 2009
How many minutes did Marcus avg??? How many turnovers did he have a game? How many points and rebounds did he give up?


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Mar 10, 2012
Folks, it is long pass time to move on from comments about MSS. He is gone. Please put this conversation to rest and let's talk about how to make VCU basketball relevant again on the national level.

That, in a nutshell, is why we'll be relevant again very soon.

With our incoming guys, and if Bacon gets to cook immediately, and/or we land someone like Wheeler (we have a very real chance), we should have enough size, depth, scoring, rebounding and defense to rise back to the top. Ace gets praised a lot for his passing and scoring, deservedly so, but what will surprise a lot of people is his defense and stealing ability. His motor is nuts. He averaged 3.3 steals per game against a schedule with a ton of talent. We might have another Bri on the way, plus he rarely makes mistakes in general. Josh Banks is a menace defensively as well. All the newcomers play stout defense, which is why they will get a lot of minutes immediately, and some, like Ace, should start day 1.
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May 3, 2012


Apr 21, 2009
So serious question because I haven't been following this super closely. I am guessing that the NCAA is not increasing the scholarship allocation. So the same number of players will still be playing college basketball. In the past, if a P5 or any school for that matter was going to take a sit one kid, somebody was already playing those minutes. Now, if a kid does not have to sit one, they will be expecting to get minutes. Is the player already there willing to "share" minutes or do they move to another program? Does it shuffle the board, yes but I don't see it sucking all the "good" players out of "mid majors"
May 1, 2009

“I would be 100 percent for the rule if I was selfish and greedy,” Tennessee men’s basketball coach Rick Barnes said Saturday. “It won’t change the number of kids I lose to transfer, but it will change how many kids transfer from mid-majors because power schools will poach their players nonstop. It already goes on because of graduate transfers and all the waivers that are allowed, but if you make every single transfer easy, it will happen all the time.”