Players Marcus Santos-Silva

May 1, 2009
I distinctly remember all the workout videos that he/his trainer/father put up on youtube before coming to VCU. You could see that he was a very hard worker....but physically he was a bit heavy and not well defined as far as muscle. I think it really slowed him down and decreased his finesse around the basket.....but he was a wide body and space eater around the basket (especially in HS). In fact, (perhaps I''m thinking of another player but...) if memory serves, I believe one of the knocks on MSS when he was initially be scouted by college coaches was that he was too big/heavy - around 290+ or so in his sophomore or junior year. But he shed about 40 lbs or something at the end of his junior year.
But he has undergone a complete transformation (even during his first summer here!). His change, training, and hardwork have all really paid off for him at the college level. He is still a wide body down low but it is all muscle. Plus (as you saw in the B&G) he now has more hops around the basket with that putback dunk (Tilmannesque) the other night.
MSS is the type of guy you love to have on your team. The guy works his butt off to get better and you see continued visible development year after year. All credit goes to MSS for taking the opportunities offered him and using it to the fullest to make himself better.
May 4, 2012
All he needs to improve his foul shooting just like Mo Ali Cox did and stay healthy and watch his fouling.
He needs a capable 4 around to make it harder to isolate him in efforts to put him on the bench. He qill have large bull's eyes on him all year.