Players Marcus Santos-Silva


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Jul 7, 2011
I am well aware that athleticism doesn't make one a good basketball player, which is why I have constantly posted on here about the mental parts of being an athlete. However, when you combine athleticism with basketball knowledge, you get fantastic players. Let me clue you in with an example: Marcus Evans is a fantastic player. Bones Hyland is more athletic, and from what I saw this year, has a better feel for the game (see some of the best post passes we've seen in years at VCU), and thus has a better upside than Evans. That's not a knock on Evans, as his athleticism was surely hurt by the injuries; it's a compliment of Bones. Seriously with Jackie Joyner Kersee? LMAO. You made me spit up on my computer laughing so hard.
Marcus Evans is more athletic than Bones and it’s not even close.


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Dec 21, 2010
Bones 🦴 baby! All I care about is what happens in a Black and Gold uni, and so far I’m liking the product Mr Hyland directed and produced his rookie year. Dude is gonna be unreal this year, and moving forward. No “fake love” vs “real love” in Bones.