Master site plan update for November

Nov 4, 2011
And, this is a contemporary thought - since Williams Mullen built thir skraper on top of the RMA parking deck that was built over the Expressway. Not sure why in our latest athletics complex plan (which seemingly mapped out all of the possibilities in the world) did not include one like this. Parkwood is already pretty much a dead street pass Harrison. Cumberland can be re-routed as a tunnel underneath the new athletics complex. Do the same for Grayland, with impressive entrance/exits to the Expressway.

The new complex, Ram Village, would be bordered by Cary to the north, Harrison to the west, Linden to the east, and Idlewood to the south. VCU would build sound barriers and very fitting entrance points for Randolph and Oregon Hill as new neighborhood entrances off of the Expressway. VCU would set up financial pools of localized funds earned from parking revenues and Athletics subsidies to funnel monies to the neighborhood associations of both. In revamping the Expressway, VCU would create a one way in, one way out street directive that would significantly limit traffic in the neighborhoods.

The face of the facility will be on its northwest corner. VCU would build a grand entrance to the complex, complete with green paths in various walkways (similar to Monroe Park's "maze" of walkways). The entrance will serve as the tail end of campus, but also as a grand entrance to campus if you approach from Cary Street.

To the left is a path to the Tennis Center entrance. Outdoor courts line Cary Street and the indoor courts fill the northeast corner (converted from the current Lobs N' Lessons building).

To the right is a 5,000 seat baseball facility. Look in-between the tennis center and the baseball facility and you'll see our pride n joy. The cleverly designed Ram Stadium. For now, simply serves as a new home for soccer, field hockey and track n' field. Design-wise, it's expandable (lacrosse). And expandable (football).

AND - can you imagine the parades we'd have on same-game-days, where we march from Ram Stadium to the Siegel Center?