Feb 10, 2009
Does anyone have any real/constructive thoughts about tomorrow's game? (beside the usual Zone's pissing match)

Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this one...
Going to play at the TED is never a gimme game. I think we are in good position to come out with a win, but we gotta play with a bit more focus. The VCU team that played W&M has to take that floor and not the team that played UNCW/JMU. No doubt ODU fans are gonna be loud and crazy, so we are gonna have to do our part to let VCU know we are there. Speaking of, anyone remember JPR's last year right before the players left the court he threw up that shot from about 70 feet and it went in. The game hadn't started yet, but I thought for sure it was a good omen. We lost that game, but took the tourney in the end. Off track, sorry, but I think it is a winable game. Neutralize Lee and we have a fantastic shot at this.
great game
still tied for first
ODU back in the hunt
the CAA will be a monster tournament
Both rivals won at home
maybe the rubber game will be at the Coliseum
If feel pretty confident about our chances against ODU...anywhere except the "TED"