Players Michael Belle is a VCU Ram!

I think we lost a team level coach and gained a program level coach. Thank you PSU for enabling VCU to make a change we would have never made on our own. Transformational!!!!!
Last summer I thought the coming season could be an inflection point for the program. Seems like I was right but definitely not in the way I expected.
I seriously think everyone here was mentally preparing themselves for the team to have a down year. If the prices can come together, that may not even be close to what happens.
I expected it to be an off season similar to when Frank left. Ed will hire a good X’s and O’s guy who will pull the best players he can entice from the portal and if we’re lucky, we may get a few 3 star kids, or if the heavens align, we maybe even a 4 star kid who just didn’t fit his program but would also be bringing along baggage. If Coach O can coach as good as he recruits, this is gonna be a really fun year!