Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers


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May 3, 2012

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Yeah. Not sure I need a show in the offseason.
I need a show in the offseason, but he's not going to talk about the things I'd want to hear him talk about!

Yeah, this is very weird. Very few shows during the season and a bunch of shows when there are few things he could talk about
Very strange not having weekly shows during the season. I wonder if we can get Mike Ellis and Sonny Smith on standby or something. Maybe Mike and Robby?
WTF...should have one at least every week or two in season. That is a head shaker for sure
transcript from the July show.

Host: Mike how is recruiting going?
Mike: Cant talk about it.
Host: how is the schedule looking?
Mike: Nothing finalized as of yet.
Host: How do the returning players look?
Mike: Don't know ,they are home for the summer.
Host: Ah...How's your summer going?
Mike: Its hot.
Host: Ok folks ...Thanks for coming...see ya next month.
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Talked to Ed McLaughlin during the A10 tourney in the spring and mentioned listening to the show. He said with surprise, "People actually listen to that show?"

Maybe we need to tweet in more questions...or however they take questions. Probably would get better participation if it were held somewhere closer to campus but most of the restaurants around campus are pretty small/compact. Plus, I guess they are going for the paying customers/paying for game tickets I mean.
Looks like Mike is doing the talk shows just like his recruiting, his way.
Maybe, but as The New Guy, this is a dangerously disengaged approach to community relations. He comes to VCU with a ton of good will. Given the likely rocky road we will have to start the year, you'd like to think he'd be all about keeping that goodwill going. A show every 3-4 weeks seems like an odd choice from that perspective.