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I heard through the grape vine that when Vince was injured, he considered dropping out of college and making a try for the NFL. He even tried out for the Chicago Bear. He chose to wear the number 72 in honor of his favorite player, the frig. Someone snapped this pic of Vince during his tryout.
@AlienAiden why does coach not know the starting lineup when all of #RAMNation do.
Sorry Bang. I went to bed early last night because I have some morning paddle boarding on the James to do. It will be a scorcher today. I love to answer your questions. So you want to know why the coach does not know the starting line-up when all of RamNation do (es). Well, Bang, I have a feeling that Coach Rhoades was not telling the entire story on his radio show. I think he knows some starters. Ace and Nunn for instance. Although, I really don't know squat and I need to head to The Flats. See ya!
Sounds to me like Coach is being fair to all the players. See who puts in the work and makes the most progress before the season starts and then determine the starters. Being a starter isn't as important as how many minutes each player gets. Lots of new players and we get to see just about all of them play some minutes. Should be interesting OOC play.
Who is going to this? Which location are you going to?
Are you going? My brother went to JMU's Coaches Caravan for the football program. He told me it was all about helping with NIL and donating money. I wonder if these will be the same. My brother said the only thing they did not do was pass a collection plate. Ha!