Mo Alie-Cox and VCU Football

Feb 14, 2011
IF VCU ever revisited football. They need to look at ODU for not what to do. Monday morning QB-ing; there isn't anything I can think of that their Admin did to set them up for long term success. There are many programs out there outside of the P-5 that are quite successful where football is actually funding other sports including basketball.


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Jan 19, 2010
The issue is that the P5's are pulling away and dissolving their association with the NCAA and thus other teams in the NCAA. They have already done this with the creation of their "Championship" playoff gig.
If basketball were only 11-12 games a season, you would see the same thing in basketball. In order to challenge the 30 game season, the P5's have grown their numbers in their conference and thereby limited their exposure to non-p5 teams as well as having P5 vs P5 OOC interconference challenge games.

P5 fans may love and relish this but I think it is destroying amateur college sports. Just like I feel the Olympics have been destroyed with the inclusion of professional athletes. Those specific events are no longer fun to watch IMO. I don't find it at all fun at all to watch an NBA all-star team take down the Indonesian national team with a score of something like 150-32.
I agree with the majority of your posts. However, I do not agree with regards to professional athletes in the Olympics. Prior to the inclusions of NBA players, other athletes were essentially Pro's in their sports, although many had no official professional leagues.

I do agree that it is not enjoyable to watch some lessor country get smashed by the US. However, even without the NBA guys that was happening. The only countries that are really hurt by our NBA guys would be only a handful. Fwiw, many of those countries had what amounted to professional playing basketball with grown men into their 30's representing their team. Of the truly competitive teams, only the US was sending amateurs typically between the ages of 19-23.

Again, I agree. However, if you wanted to remove the NBA guys in the olympics you'd also have to remove all pros, as well as put an age cap on it. However, that would be hypocritical as explained above.
Apr 20, 2009
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