MUSH vs Food Lion

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RRR said:
RRR can't even post a picture correctly. ITS CALLED THE ROBINS CENTER!
Pavarotti said:
Bump, just because the debate has been recently updated. For the record, I still root for Food Lion to beat the Mushies, because A) we get to beat them twice, and B) I've had drinks with some cool Food Lion fans.
Pav is drinking with the enemy....

Hey...How did a red sweater vest get a front row seat??? :shock: :roll: :lol:
bwahahaha! thats terrible! Also, why would he post a pic from a game we lost... :roll:

For the record, my order of dislikement:

1) cHokies
2) Mush
3) Food Lion
4) Fairfax Bon Jovians
5) William or Mary Mighty Asparagus

I still dislike Hofstra too after that CAA tourney game they stole our VCU sign and Rodney dove in their student section to get it back!!! Agudio and Rivera were a dangerous combo, as we found out :oops:
Man this is really tough! I mean geeez.... I hate em' both. Bad. I guess maybe at the end of the day.... I don't hate ODU as badly as it feels on most normal days. They are sort of our brothers in arms, to some degree. I'll never forget the pricks from Wake Forest coming onto the old boards and ridiculing us, and talking about what an embarrassment it was for us to be playing the Deacons in the NCAA's.... 04 I guess. Well, I'll also never forget the ODU guys coming onto the boards giving them he11 and telling them how VCU was going to kick their butts- which we almost did. The VCU guys were in total shell-shock at their abominable posts, and the boys in Blue came over and stood with us. I've always thought that was really cool.

As for UNY-NJ-R.... or University of Richman.... the only thing that could possibly EVER be cool about it.... would be if it burnt to the ground. The whole damned thing. ;)