NCAA Tourney Selection Hatin

DCDuck said:
I'm just going on what I've seen the Selection Committee do in the past. Last year Siena earned a 9-seed in the tournament despite 0 wins against top-50 teams outside of conference play.

...and they won a game and took a #1 seed to the wire.
I never said Siena wasn't deserving, I was simply going by seeding.

In 2006, George Washington went 27-2 in the regular season and still only got an 8 seed despite having a top-10 ranking in both polls. Why? Their non-conference schedule was pathetic. Neither of their losses were as bad as Virginia Tech's losses to NC State and Boston College.
The selection committee said they werent going to reward teams playing cupcakes out-of-conference. We'll see. I myself see nothing special about VPI but there are a lot of down teams this year nationally.