News News About RAMS In The Pros


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Dec 30, 2011
Oh, he is in the game a lot. I hear a lot of references on the radio to his blocking. TE is about more than just catching passes.
Pretty much this. He sees quite a bit of playing time and is an excellent blocker. I'd like to see Brissett throw to him more too, but I'm perfectly fine if he's able to open routes for other receivers or give Mack/Hines room to run. Dude can stop two guys by himself, that's just nuts.


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Jan 19, 2010
It was good to see that Troy has expanded his game. His steal, feed, and receiving the pass for a layup were something he wouldnt have tried 3-4 years ago. His D still needs help but they were playing him at the 3 and its hard for him to guard bigger stronger guys who drive the lane.

Hopefully he can hit in the low 40's from deep. If he does he will get playing time on this Lakers team.
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