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Nov 2, 2013
Mo Allie Cox is the salt of the earth. What an incredible human being and because of his generosity, selflessness, and loving soul, the rewards of good fortune in life will always come his way. Best of luck to our rising star.

Knowing we had confiscated our friend's MoSaysNo license plate, Coach Rhoades sent Mo by our foodcart last summer to sign it and say hello. He took a pic standing next to kat.. Like a goliath next to her, the hand comparison with her had him and us all laughing. Especially knowing how this time has affected us not knowing if we'll even be back there, now, I'm so appreciative we got that opportunity to spend with him two on one. He's such a mild mannered soul. SO easy going, and kind. Right after, about 9 different passersby immediately recognized him and got a ton of pics with him. Incredibly grateful to Coach and him for arranging that drop by.
If yall haven't searched him name on twitter and seen the outpouring of respect being thrown his way, its tremendous.. do so here. People re saying some pretty awesome things about him, it's honestly becoming Mo-Mania out there right now, people are saying he's their fave player right now and wanna buy his jersey. So happy for him.