Schedule Non-Conference Opponent Tracking Thread


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May 9, 2011
the pathways are set, and the gears will turn, but the OOC OCD continues...

First and foremost, a welcome (back) to ooc frequent flyer, the Akron Zips. May your active time in the club be very very short this season.

other club members continuing into the post-season are:
NCAA Tournament
  • Missouri (#8 MW) faces Col. St. (Rams) on 3/21
  • Memphis (#6 MW) faces either Bang's MTSU or Mary's St Mary on 3/21
  • dook (#2 MW) faces former club member Albany on 3/22
  • Western Kentucky (#16 S) faces Kansas on 3/22
  • Florida Gulf Coast (#15 S) faces the craven hoyas of G'Town on3/22
  • Wichita State (#9 W) faces Pitt on 3/21
  • Belmont(#11 W) faces Arizona on 3/21
    • 6 7 above + 5 from the A10 + Akron = we will have played at least 12 13 Big Dancers this season

  • Alabama(1st seed in its quad) hosts Northeastern on 3/19
    • the Tide, + Charlotte, St. Joes, & UMass = we played 4 teams with secondary invitations

  • Lehighflies to battle Wyoming on 3/19 ...good thing they're the Mountain Hawks
    • add in the [email protected] ticks, and that's 2 more of this season's foes still at it
We don't happen to have any in-or-out of conference foes from this season playing in the CIT.

Let this sink in a bit... of the 31 separate teams on our schedule thus far this season, well over a third of them are in the championship tournament, and well over half of them are in the post season in some form.

to battle!
Our RPI should go through the roof now



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Apr 20, 2009
Not sure where to put this, but if your bored Robert Morris is beati g Kentucky on espn...funny to see Kentucky in a 3000 seat gym.
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Dec 30, 2012
FGCU hitting Georgetown between the eyes. FGCU leading by 13, under 14 min left. FGCU believes and they are on fire.