OT: OSU Band

May 20, 2009
Not even close to a fair comparison. The number of hours spent together are astronomical with a marching band of OSU's stature are much closer to that of a football or basketball team than that of our band. That said, none of this type of culture exists with our group!


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Apr 19, 2009
Almost all the antics associated with the OSU band, while sophomoric, would have to be construed as harmless college fun. To unfairly compare this to the physical hazing suffered by the FAMU drum major would take a quantum leap in political correctness. This is that zero tolerance thing that absolves school administrators of any blame but just squeezes the life out of common sense and reality.

I couldn't imagine the Peppas being like this at all. First they appear to be structured loosely with many members coming and going depending on their personal schedules and secondly they seem to act like a jazz band in their relationships to each other. I just couldn't see this kind of "tradition" something that would interest most VCU students. No doubt there are pranks and jokes among band members. I just can't see a VCU student wanting to belong to something so badly that they would put up with any of that shiz.