Projecting VCU Basketball starting 5 23-24 season

What do you say? I think there are a couple of good ones mentioned in the roster thread. But if you have a good suggestion why not post it here?
Blind whack at this point but why not... will almost certainly change over the course of the season.
1. Max Shulga
2. Joe Bamisile
3. Sean Bairstow
4. Kuany Kuany
5. Roosevelt Wheeler
Jason Nelson
Max Shulga
Sean Bairstow
Kuany Kuany
Roosevelt Wheeler

if eligible Joe Bamisile first sub for Kuany and Bairstow slides to 4
then Zeb
then one of the true frosh

start of a10
Max Shulga
Joe Bamisile
Zeb Jackson
Kuany Kuany
Roosevelt Wheeler
What about Patrick and Belle?

Since we’re speculating I’ll suggestion they get acclimated first half of year, gaining minutes. Belle’s size/versatility may get him close to starting conf play but we’re so deep in backcourt Patrick likely increased snipper minutes. Belle and Patrick’s D will be great to see. That may answer your question.
Are we sleeping on Fermin? I give him a 50/50 shot at starting over Wheeler by A10 play. Sophomore leap let's do this! He's got a strong base and I'm not so sure Wheeler is any taller, tiles anyone? I think all our guys will make jumps in skill but I don't think Fermin & Lawal are much behind right now.

This was my prediction about a month ago and I am going to stick with it. If Bam isn't eligible I think Bairstow moves up a spot and Kuany takes the other starting forward.