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Apr 19, 2009
Thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers, vibes... I'm feeling better today. Got tested for covid19 this morning, won't get anything back for 3 or 4 days. By then I hope Im felling OK. I'm ready to be well! Still self quarantined for a few more days.
If you tested positive for another thing why were you tested for this as well? Is it possible to have both, or would having this cause a false positive on the other test? Hope things turn around for you soon!


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Dec 4, 2013
If you tested positive for another thing why were you tested for this as well? Is it possible to have both, or would having this cause a false positive on the other test? Hope things turn around for you soon!
Thanks, I am improving slowly, fever is pretty much gone, just a lot of congestion, aches and pains now. What I tested positive for is fairly mild, what I've had is not. I also work with developmentally challenged adults, many of whom are very high risk. They need to know whether I have covid19 before I can go back to work.
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Nov 2, 2013
As I am now the only caretaker my 74 year old mom can rely on, and we have an arrangement (at her age) keeping away from people and staying in her house isolated, which is hard enough for her at her age, we cannot sell food. Making food obligates us to at least 8 shopping trips per week, sometimes more than that, and frequent exchanges with the public. I have to stay safe for more than my own personal reasons. So Kat and I started doing something we'd been talking about anyway, as our business license and insurance covers that, too: Environmentally Friendly Lawn-care and Landscaping. We have all the tools we needed, and what we didn't have my mom had, she hires people to do hers now, so she doesnt use any of that any longer anyway. Can't do hauling, but we can neatly pile in appointed piles. We've knocked out 7 jobs so far, we believe exceeding their expectations. So as long as we can, this is what we're doing.
We can stay together working which after 25 years pinned to each others' side, this is our primary want, actually more like a need. We can and do keep our space from people: it's just us and nature. We've taken some spaces untouched by people for over 10 years and made them look brand new, and somewhere people actually suddenly want to occupy.
We're pretty incredible at this, we do these jobs like we make people food and drink... makem like we'd want our own to look. At 50 yrs old, it's not as easy as it was on us as when we were 20. We meticulously do the work we do. It's not been easy, nor clean, LOL. We come home whooped. It's a LOT harder work than foodcart work. Just weighed myself, and I have gone from 216 lbs to 207, partially from only eating once per day but also from sweating my buns off. We've still have 5 more jobs lined up and hopefully more coming as the weeks come at us.
Besides the generous assistance we've very gratefully received, I thought it was worth mentioning here....
Ram fans have arranged ALL our jobs. And thankfully, several have asked us back for more.
Tomorrow's the every 3rd day rest we allow ourselves, as we need it to avoid injury.. but we're taking it seriously, and thankful for every day. And we're working as hard as we can.

Thankful for RAMILY.
It's real. You might not like the term. But who have felt it, know it.
Our fellow Ram fans are so good to each other, I've seen it, and felt it. They have been more than amazing to us than I can write here beyond jobs offered, and they're the reason we're still existing right now, and what looks like into the future. We're living each day, day by day, but we're very thankfully able to live, and fully afloat because of RAMILY.

equipment.jpgequipment 2.jpg

If you are within 30 min drive of the metro and find you have some outdoor work you have been needing to do, but keep putting off, please PM me or contact us through https://www.facebook.com/ISpeakLoveFluently on facebook, and we can line up some help with that stuff. I can promise one thing, once we leave, when you stand back and look at your newly pointed up driveway, etched grass, cleared out brush, walkway you can actually walk down, garden looking more amazing than ever.. you'll be thinking, "darn I'm glad we got them over here."
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