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Mar 21, 2017
alright Coach Scott make these big guys into the monsters we know they can be!


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May 1, 2009
This guy doesn't seem like a DJ Haley in that he was playing 32 minutes a game this past season. For that I am happy. He will have a year to work into a good position to play along side Ward.....both will be Juniors. And he will have the opportunity to work with MSS, Corey, and Ward this coming year. Add in MBJ at forward. Hopefully both Corey and Ward can really up their game and share duties this coming fall so there isn't much of a let down when MSS is not on the court. Then the following year MBJ, Ward, and Bacon can work the low post....although I think MBJ is more of a forward to Ward and Bacon as centers.
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Jun 20, 2011
Being a low post player/ power forward doesn't make you a traditional center and I think that is what was being referred to in earlier mention. VCU hasn't had many over the years and those who come to mind who played significant minutes would be LF, Ren Watson, DJ, Kenny Jones, I guess Larry Sanders ( he just didn't want to be). Like many schools, VCU has had more power forwards that had no center next to them. I find it hard to call 6'6" guys centers in college basketball even if that is how they play the game. MSS and Mo being two that are most obvious and both certainly man the spot well. I guess that is what '12 is saying. And to ramble on, I find there to be two good reasons we haven't had a lot of true centers. They are hard to sign except for Power Confereince Teams and the other reason is they don't often fit our style of play.