Remember this?

May 1, 2009
Hmmmmm. I went to that concert in 85'. Perhaps I am the one to blame for getting the Dead banned!.....LOL.

To be honest, this is more of an indictment on the stupidity of Richmond rather than anything that happened at the concert. The city was just not happy that there were a bunch of fans who didn't seem to spend a lot of money on hotels and restaurants in the city. Many concertgoers instead crashed at their friends apartments and chose 7-11 munchies of restaurants down in the slip.
Very short, short sighted in my opinion. At that time, bands were happy to go where the Dead were openly welcomed to come and play. After they were banned, I heard a number of people calling Richmond a stuck up city not willing to cater to young people, eager for entertainment.
I personally think it really hurt Richmond in the long run. It's a shame when the state's capital city can't attract any major entertainment but the circus and wrestling.....fu*king sounds like Charleston, WV for God's sake. Everything has to be "Family directed" meanwhile Morgantown and Huntington cash in on the big venue business.
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