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May 11, 2009
Chris DiSano is a good egg. He’s a Rhode Island insider, and knows basketball. He’s the kind of guy who, even if he followed University of Henrico, I’d say he’s a good guy. That’s why I always appreciate a text from him a couple days before VCU plays Rhody with an offer to swap information. I will post a link to my answers to his questions when I clear a couple work meetings, but here’s what he had to say about the northernmost Rams in response to my questions:

Fatts Russell not starting Wednesday against Davidson was, uh, noticeable, but he still impacted the game in a major way. Does starting really matter as long as the minutes are there? Part B: what has he done to become such an alpha player?

You’re right, it doesn’t. He sat for the first 4:06 – purportedly to shake things up and spark he and the team – and then proceeded to play the final 35:54 of the game and start the second half. He led the Rams in minutes and had one of his more efficient shooting games of the...
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Feb 9, 2010
Nice blog post, buy “Rhode Island State of Mind” is a place I would never want to go willingly:

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Dec 4, 2014
Rhody’s 8-man rotation is fine/plenty and will be a significant challenge. Quite frankly, it’s fairly similar to our 9-man rotation in many respects. They match up well.

They play at the 29th fastest tempo (73 possessions) — faster than us. They’re in good shape. They play good D (Top 60). They’ve seen our press last yr and beat it (twice). They won’t be intimidated or confused. They are plenty deep and talented enough to come in and pick us off at the Stu and push their NET into the 55-60 range and drop us back into the 40s.

Dowtin, Russell, Langevine, Harris, Martin, Long, Toppin, and Walker is a very solid group. They have size, length, athleticism, experience, and confidence (having beaten us twice last yr and having spanked us two yrs ago at the Stu). Athletically, they are at/near LSU, Tenn, Purdue, Wichita St level. They are a Top 76 NET team. Our record vs Top 76 NET this year is 1-3. This is a major test. Both teams will be very motivated and the stakes are very high for both squads.

They’ve played a very tough schedule thus far, tougher than ours. They are due — after the Brown/UR debacles. We better bring it.