Rolando Lamb and Jim Calhoun

Did someone give bighorn two different accounts? One to praise bighorn (jeter) and the other to agree and respond (bighorn)?
bighorn said:
I can almost hear the Bob Marley music booming in the faraway West Indies, from the swinging sands of Montego Bay ...

The Horn vs. Bolt; This match made in fast-lane heaven presents a chance-of-a-lifetime for some young entrepreneur. I visualize fans flocking - via plane, boat, even inner-tube - from as far off as Kingston and Ocho Rios to view this battle of wing-footed gazelles.

It's a made-to-order set-up ... The Stu is directly across from The Jamaica House (and also ABC store).

As part of this spicy Carib-to-River City package deal, merry-makers could chill out (Mista Chill is invited) at the Jamaica House (collecting Red Stripe, and who knows what else) during the day, stumble over to The Stu to witness THE RACE at halftime, then retreat into The Fan for a nigh-long Rasta party that none will ever forget.

What could go wrong? No problem, mon.

Bob, Usain and the Horn will leave you with this ...

"There was a buffalo solider, in the heart of America,
Stolen from Africa, brought to America,
Fighting on arrival,
Fighting for survival."


Even your taste in music is impeccable! I must say I'd have to put my money on you Bighorn if it were between you and Usain Bolt. The match of the century! People would be talking about that one for years to come. Your name would live on in time immemorial. Perhaps we could even have a larger than life statue erected to you outside of the Capitol a la Philadelphia icon Rocky Balboa. You would be a symbol for senior citizens everywhere! We must make this happen!
Usain bolt? did you upgrade the rascal?!

xjohnx said:
Usain bolt? did you upgrade the rascal?!


How dare you imply that Bighorn needs assistance to beat the reigning world record holder! My fleet-footed idol would beat even Hermes with the sheer power of his will. You underestimated bighorn this one time; make sure you don't do it again.
Fred's right. I saw Bighorn make a unassisted quadruple play once! No Sh!t! It was a softball tournament in PC Beach and Horn caught a liner with runners loaded and got all 3 onbase guys out on the same play! Catching a comebacker, he tagged out the runner leading off first. Ran to third base and at the same time he tagged out the runner from second and the runner on third did not cross home plate. 4 outs in one inning! I'm sure you guys read about in the RT-D. Big front page article!