Shaka Watch

Mar 22, 2012
Guys, Bill Battle, the AD at Alabama, just did the same thing. He flew to Wichita to speak with Marshall. Same thing here. I would only be concerned if Shaka was flying to Austin. Please note, Texas was stung by the Saban circus last year and so they are trying to manage this one better (i.e., dropping leaks of him flying to meet, salary, etc.). Honestly, do you guys actually believe the Chip guy and some of the other outlets are legitimate news organizations? They are the mouthpiece of UT. This is more about managing the media cycle/circus right now. Those guys feed the Rothstein's, Goodman's, their story's....pure and simple - media manipulation.

Stay focused and relax.


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Apr 30, 2009
7,472 that avatar your car? Phantom Ram is actually Stuart Siegel...Mr. Siegel, please offer Shaka more money?
haha, nooooooo.
Phantom was my nick name at work, I am the guy that lurks in a dark room with no windows, but I control everything that happens in the daylight...... I do a lot of things, but my job is to make sure you don't notice they happen......


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Jun 20, 2011
I was at this game. I loved watching people leave at the end of regulation. And I laughed at them when they came rusing back after we went to OT.

Me too, those near me that bolted either had to listen in their cars or stand at the top and watch from above. It works the same the other way, I never celebrate or assume victory until over and the officials have left the gym. Semi-celebrate with 3 possession lead and under 10 on the clock, but not total. Fight until the end no matter which side you are on...