Should we even have a home and home with UR?

Should we even have a home and home with U of R anymore?

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Dec 2, 2012

We sell out every game, so we don't need to schedule someone because the game will draw.

We need to schedule teams that are going to help us get into the big dance.

Does playing UR twice every year no matter what make sense anymore?

When is the last time playing them helped anyone get into the post season?
They are going to be stuck with Mooney, and then even after Mooney they will have to rebuild from the ground up, so they will be the equivalent of an expansion team.
For me, my biggest goal for the team is getting back to the NCAAs on a regular basis.
Does playing UR a extra time do that?
I guess, and I'll hope scheduling gurus can answer this, it depends on who we can get in instead.


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May 3, 2012
So far the only series that have been swapped out are SLU, Fordham and Davidson I believe. Having Rhody and Dayton now helps. GW is another one that has not changed.
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Apr 19, 2009
1. When there was “The Big 5” basketball teams in the Commonwealth, fur was the only team that would play us, and did it home and home.
2. In the heyday of UR basketball fur always scheduled VCU. Fantastic competitive games they were too.
3. When we were bounced by the Metro Conference and had nowhere to go, fur paved the way for us to find a home in the CAA.
4. When we had NO place to play fur loaned us their facility until ours was built
5. It was the efforts of fur that got us into the A10.
Now maybe that doesn’t jibe with “What have you done for us lately”, but we owe the fur program big time.


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Apr 21, 2009
The only way I see us not playing them twice is if the A10 goes to the CUSA model and leave the schedule open on the back end to allow the top teams to play each other a 2nd time.


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Mar 13, 2011
The last game I attended at fur Shaka was coaching. After witnessing the disgusting insults hurled at our players and Shaka I vowed to never return to that place. And I’m not talking the “normal “ trash talking that always goes on between fans. Besides this is a school whose ticketing office openly schemes to keep us out of their gym anyway. It’s not a rivalry it’s just a hate fest. Who needs it. I vote to pause only because maybe a new coach and a willing admin can change the culture there.