Siegel Center Experience


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Feb 9, 2010
I had it bad in March 2020, then I tested positive in early November 2021 (I'm vaccinated, but was not able to get the booster due to local restrictions - they hadn't opened it up to everyone yet). Thankfully, whenever I return from being around crowds/public, I wear a mask around my house for 72 hours in case I develop symptoms. No other family member caught COVID from me, even though we sat on the couch and watched the VCU/St. Peters game together.

My experience the 2nd go around was much better than the first (3 weeks bedridden v. 3-ish days of cold/flu/body aches). Still frustrating to be isolated from people for 10 days and missing Atlantis, but I was thankful that the vaccine likely helped me combat it better this go around. Can't overemphasize how terrible the March 2020 COVID experience was compared to the most recent one. Hoping you feel better.
How are you doing? Good, I hope.