Some therapeutic memories this Morning


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Feb 17, 2017
As therapy for dealing with last night's loss to UCF, allow me to list my memories of good times provided by the Rams in my 46 years of being a fan.
Beating Minnesota in the Franklin St gym 1970
Finally beating UR after starting 0-5
The sheer beauty of Reggie Cain's jumper
A Kendrick Warren dunk
Bo Jones against ECU
Beating Louisville at Freedom Hall in the first round of the Metro tournament
Any win over ODU
Beating Virginia Tech in the TDIT
Beating UVA at the JPJ
March of 2011
The bar in the Coliseum
The games with UAB ""Sit down Gene"
Winning the Sun Belt tournament in Charlotte
Monte Knight shot at JMU
Penny Elliott free throws at JMU with no time left
Dressing like the Blues Brothers and getting on ESPN in Jax and Charlotte
Partying with the USF Sun Dolls on the roof of the Hilton in Jax
Lambs shot against Reggie Lewis and Northeastern
Ren Watson's blocked shots
And so many more. Apologies to Bob Hope but "Thanks for the Memories
Mar 20, 2019
You have a great memory! I had forgotten the game highlights you mentioned even though i was at almost all of those games.


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Jan 24, 2015
Pardon if I may pile on...

Dougie Brooks with the steal and dunk to cap the 2015 A10 tourney win after VCU confuses Dayton with a zone matchup.
Watchin VCU go four for four to win the A10 tourney
Mo with the steal and the dunk to cap the fur game at their place
Watchin SBs lose because they couldn't help but lamely storm the court
Watchin JQL and VCU score 11 points in 90 secs of play to steal one at ODU


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Apr 17, 2015
Greg McCray's tip-in to beat Navy in Annapolis.
Gerald taking over at the end of a game at W&M.
Danny Kottak going 13 for 15 and Ed Sherod go 9 for 12 to beat Georgetown at GW.
The miracle shot Ren hit to force ODU into overtime even though we lost because Johm Moreau counted off five seconds in less than four.
Penny Elliot clearing space after snatching rebounds.
Windmill dunks by Wes Carmack.
Dana's clothing, J.D.'s Rams Club luncheons, Sonny's stories, listening to Shaka at the Commonwealth Club and watching Mike's wife when he came home.
Many more.