Apr 20, 2009
I just heard from a good friend of mine who was a friend of Terry Sissisky's that he has passed away. Very sad. VCU flags everywhere should be at half mast.
Apr 21, 2009
If this true VCU and this region has lost a special, dignified and honorable sportscaster, human being and true Ram supporter. RIP Terry we love you, thank you for all the memories.
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Apr 23, 2009
I will always remember his smile. He rode to Wilmington with us a couple years ago to do a game. He must have thanked Mrs. H and me a dozen times. What a fun trip. Thanks, Terry, for all you did for VCU and may you rest in peace.


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Feb 10, 2009

As a long-distance Ram fan, the TMan was my primary link to the Rams for many years. His enthusiasm for the game and the program was sincere and passionate, and I feel that I owe him so much for all the Ram basketball enjoyment he brought to me over the airwaves and Internet. Rest in peace Terry.
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Apr 19, 2009
The T man was filling in on sports radio 910 one afternoon and I called up and told him thet I NEEDED TO HEAR AGAIN HIS CALL of the VCU/ECU game ....89-89 VCU....Bo Jones, Bo Jones, Bo Jones....

He said on the radio that he had taken the tape and he had locked it into a vault to be played yet another day. And then Jim Reed, former coach of UofR Spiders called and said that of every radio broadcast of any sport he had ever heard that was indeed the greatest he had heard. One by one the fans called in and the T-Man did everything he could to turn the conversation to something else...it was a great show and I will never ever forget the call of that game and the greatest radio announcer VCU will ever have.

God bless you T-Man.

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Jun 9, 2009

On Thursday evening, the man who was affectionately known as “T-Man” passed away at the age of 58. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

“Terry was an institution at VCU for three games. Nobody worked harder for this University than he did. He will be sorely missed.” VCU Athletic Director Norwood Teague said. “We send our sincerest thoughts and prayers to his family.”
Apr 20, 2009
I am shocked. I got an email from dianne long the basketball secretary last week that said he was doing better and responding well to treatment. i fully expected to see him at the siegel center this coming season. i am truly in shock. i feel so bad for not reaching out to him. I broadcast almost all of the home games with him the year that we beat duke in the tourney. I had not spken with him since he got sick. I just was thining yesterday that i should call him up to go to lunch. now its too late. i really feel bad :(
May 5, 2009
I am so shocked!. Such a sad sad day. Terry made me feel so welcome to become a new Ram fan. I will miss both the T-man away from the mike as well as the one behind the mike.