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Feb 9, 2009
ram4life said:
I strongly support a banner for Terry. It would be a classy act on the part of VCU. I hope there will be a ground-swell support for this action. Maybe Mike Ellis should be the contact person to make this suggestion. Mike's email is mwellis@vcu.edu.

Something like this?
Apr 20, 2009
One must wonder who represented the Black & Gold at Terry's funeral on a furnace-hot Sunday afternoon.

Any board members?
Apr 20, 2009
I was there with a black and gold striped tie on. the only former player that i saw was calvin duncan. we talked for a little while after and he brought up the passing of mike schlegel last year and how you never know when your time will come. the vcu turnout was sparse. there were a couple of members of the athletic dept and robbie robinson was there. Jay Marsh the assistant A.D. from George Mason was there which was a classy gesture. Some of the CAA staff was there as well as several members of the media. disappointing that so few VCU people attended. I guess the quick turnaround in having the service so soon likely had something to do with that. I wish i could have had one more conversation w/him before he died.


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May 1, 2009
Turns out, Mike Litos and I decided to sit down and record our thoughts on Terry at precisely the same time.

Here's Mike's excellent column: http://www.caahoops.com/

And some thoughts of my own: http://vcuathletics.tv/ramnote/ath-sisisky-0727.php

I was in Ohio when I found out Terry had passed, and I wish I could've made it back for the service. I was told the turnout was sizable, as they had to shuttle people into adjacent rooms in order to sit down. When someone with such a giant personality is taken away, it does leave a sizable void. I know I'll feel a little different when I walk back to the Terry Sisisky Media Room next season.
Apr 23, 2009
I was unable to attend because of prior commitment. Mrs. H, however, did attend and was able to carry our condolences. She, too, commented about what appeared to be a smaller than expected attendance by VCU folks. But attendance is not necessary to pay respect for such an outstanding VCU supporter. Thoughts and prayers are just as important. Again, Terry, thanks for being a friend to all of us. Rest in peace.
May 4, 2009
Man, I remember being a freshman going on the road for the first time. It was JMU. I remember vividly how Ram fans huddled around T-Man to hear his broadcast. It was one of the best moments of my life - seeing people as passionate as I was huddling around a man who means so much to our heritage as Rams. It was memorable. And, in the same respect, T-Man created many memorable moments like that. Not only did he call games, but he created atmospheres - most of which were envied by opponents.

I have listened to maybe one or two games since T-Man left the Rams. I just miss him. And now that his soul has departed from this Earth, I miss him even more - but the memories I have will always live.