Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)


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Nov 2, 2013
Thanks Finance. No they did not leave a name. It was a generic gmail with words and numbers in it. I dont want to write it here on the forum. It didn't bother me till the mini uproar and splicing my words and meaning b/c of a post by numerous people. Perhaps it was a careless email. I had a co-worker (out of sincere caring)express concern over the post yesterday and that it may come off as supporting the alt right. That was so not my intention. I was wrong to use snowflake and SJW as a term. They are generally politically associated with the left. But man, what a world we live in!
Carry on my brother and worry not about that mess. Some just wish to create drama where there is none and whip it up where there's a mere hint of it, as they live on it, thrive on it, I am guessing because the life they live doesn't offer a satisfactory enough amount of it. And that I just don't get.


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Apr 20, 2009
I should know the answer...but will there be golden beverages for sale during the TBT?